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anhinga symbolism
Anhinga is symbolic of teaching you how to spread your wings and fly.  When you see an anhinga you may want to ask yourself have you taken a good look into yourself?  Are you chasing your dreams?  What are your goals and ambitions?  When you see an anhinga it can be symbolic of spreading your wings and seeing the possibilities. The Anhinga spears fish with ease at the exact and perfect timing.  Are you trusting
Spoonbill Symbolism
Spoonbills can symbolize freedom and strength.  When you see a spoonbill you may want to ask yourself are there obstacles you feel that are in your way from reaching your goals?  Spoonbills can symbolize the ability to clear obstacles in the way.  Do you believe you can overcome the obstacles you feel are in your way? Do you believe there is a solution? Are you seeking a community?  Spoonbills are known for raising their young
Lizard Symbolism
Lizards can symbolize a time of regeneration and renewal.  When you see a lizard you may want to ask yourself is there something you are ready to transform in your life?  Lizards can represent a time of transformation.  Lizards are great at blending into their environment.  Do you feel like you are blending in or do you want to blend in more?  Lizards have great vision and can see things others can’t see it.  Is
road symbolism
Roads can symbolize lifes journey.  When you feel like roads are speaking to you, they may be asking you, what direction do you want to head in?  Are you looking in the past or future?  Roads go in many direction directions with twists turns, forwards and backwards.  What journey are you currently on?  Is it the road you want to take? Is there some place you would like to go?  Is it time for a
pumpkin symbolism
Pumpkins can symbolize gratitude, generosity, harvest, and abundance.  When you cut into a pumpkin you find tons and tons of seeds the represent potential.  The pumpkin may be asking you, can you see your potential even when others don’t?  During Halloween, it is common for people to buy pumpkins, cook the seeds.  They may make pumpkin pies and even carve fun faces into the pumpkins.  Pumpkins can also represent being very creative.  Pumpkins are also
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